Wifi Loop, Holter, Patch Holter and ABP Monitors

Elite Cardiology Group supplies state-of-the-art medical products with applications in cardiology and pharmacy such as patch holter monitors, ABP monitors, wifi loop recorders, pacemaker/ICD database, Holter analysis software and CASP monitors.
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Holter, Loop and Echo
Monitoring Service

We offer physicians the ability to have a Holter Monitor, Loop Recorder or Echo-cardiography procedure performed right in their office for free rather than referring patients to an outside lab or hospital.   Our biomedical engineering team repairs many cardiac diagnostic devices as well.
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EP Catheter Platinum
Recovery & Refining

In addition to our importing, distribution and servicing efforts, Elite Cardiology Group recycles EP catheters from electrophysiology labs all over the world. We are the most trusted partner that rebates the highest value for your EP catheter tips and whole EP catheters.
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Loop Recorder, Holter Monitor and EP Catheter Clients