Elite Cardiology Group sells loop recorders, Holter monitors and Holter analysis software

Loop Recorder Receiving Stations

Elite Cardiology Group carries Cardiocomm’s GEMS and Scottcare’s Eventcare

GEMS™ (Global ECG Management System) from Cardiocomm is the world’s number one software solution for cardiac event monitoring.   A cost effective alternative to using expensive hardware receiving systems, GEMS™ can easily be installed on most desktop computers and can track and store comprehensive patient information.


ScottCare’s Eventcare is a powerful software solution for wireless cardiac event monitoring that can increase patient compliance and most importantly, technician productivity.

GEMS Loop Recorder Receiving Station

  • Open architecture allows communication with devices from any ECG device manufacturer
  • Extensive and detailed standard and custom reports
  • Fully scalable (small clinic to large hospital solutions)
  • Custom hospital/clinic reports and logos
  • 24/7/365 phone support and remote support to your PC via internet

Cardiocomm GEMS Loop Recorder Receiving Station Image
 Download GEMS Loop Recorder Receiving Station Brochure

Eventcare Wireless Loop Recorder Receiving Station

  • Works with most looping and non-looping event monitor brands, including ScottCare’s TeleSense, 900 series or 275i monitors.
  • Works with traditional acoustic arrhythmia monitoring or devices utilizing cellular event technology.
  • Automatically detects event header to record exact event date and time.
  • Maintains an accurate inventory of devices and can also produce a wide array of administrative reports.
  • Supports label placement anywhere on strips.
  • Provides 6-second, 12-second or variable length strips.
  • Supports optional EHR/HIS integration.

Wireless Loop Recorder Receiving Station
adobe_PDF Download Eventcare Wireless Loop Recorder Management Software Brochure