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30 Day Continuous Monitoring Wifi Loop Recorders

Elite Cardiology Group Carries Scottcare Wifi Looping Event Monitors

The new TeleSense remote cardiac rhythm monitor provides your practice with a 3-in-1 device for complete mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT), cellular Event and Holter functionality

Telesence 3-in-1 Remote Cardiac Monitoring

  • Wi-Fi based remote and local communication of 30 days of continuous ECG data
  • Live patient visibility and wireless transmission of arrhythmia events
  • Remote device configuration via Wi-Fi, cellular (via Mi-Fi) or wired connection
  • Proven diagnostic accuracy
  • Data analysis software that enables efficient receipt and event triage
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Auto-trigger and auto-transmit
  • Lead-Off detection
  • Convenient, comfortable size

The Telesence 3-in-1 wifi Loop Event Recorder
 Download Telesence 3-in-1 Recorder Brochure