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14 Day Patch Holter Monitors

Elite Cardiology Group Carries Scottcare Novi+ 14 day Patch Holter Monitors

The new Novi+ 3 channel patch Holter monitor provides your practice with a waterproof holter monitor that can record continuous ECG for 14 days

Novi+ 14 day Patch Holter Monitor

  • Novi+ provides three channels of up to 14 day monitoring on a single charge
  • Lightweight, patch hook-up is discreet, improving patient compliance and satisfaction
  • Waterproof recorder allows patients to bathe without removing the device
  • Mark events with a double-tap is a simplified and user friendly way to store events
  • Rechargeable built-in battery saves on battery costs
  • Compatible with Holtercare
  • Optional EMR and ECG Management System integration

The Novi+ Patch Holter Monitor
 Download Novi+ Brochure