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EP Catheters Recycling

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Our Customers Comments
QuoteThank-you for making recycling easy & rewarding.   We look forward to our regularly scheduled picks-ups and substantial reimbursements.   It’s rare to find a company so committed to a seamless customer experience.unquote
Toronto Hospital  

QuoteIf I had known how easy this was to get going, and how great you are to work with, I would have started recycling a long time ago!unquote
Saskatchewan Hospital  

QuoteWe looked at several options for recycling our catheter tips but wanted to support a Canadian company.   We have received first class treatment with seamless communications and support.   We use our funds to support social activities for our program and can always count on them to arrive quickly in our account!unquote
Alberta Hospital  

QuoteWe are grateful that you introduced us to EP Platinum recycling.unquote
Ontario Hospital

What is the GO GREEN Program?

The Go Green program is where Elite Cardiology Group purchases all your department’s whole diagnostic EP catheters at a bonus price greater than the platinum tip value.   Further, we purchase used Intracardiac Ultrasound catheters thereby providing additional revenue for your EP or Cath lab department.
With over 100 different diagnostic EP catheters that your lab could potentially earn a bonus of up to 20 times more than the platinum tip value, the Go Green program is a lucrative endeavor for your department.
Your EP lab deserves the highest possible rebate for your EP catheters.   You also need a process and people that you can rely on.   For over 7 years, through its proven track record of unbeatable financial returns, Elite Cardiology Group prides itself in having created a 100% satisfied client base.
Contact us for more information at 1-866-901-3244 or email us at info@ecgmedical.com.

EP Platinum Recovery from Catheter Tips

Verifiable Results: We can provide a written “Catheter Tip Pricing Menu” with the catheter prices, enabling you to pre-calculate your payment before sending in your catheter tips.

Pooled Tips: It is not necessary to separate the tips by manufacturer.   Simply pool the tips and ECG will reimburse the lab on the total EP platinum content.

Pick ups: Our representatives will visit your EP lab to pick up the catheter tips, saving you time and money.

Reimburse Iridium: We reimburse the hospital on the Iridium content.   As such, we reimburse 8% higher than alternative American refiners.

Payment : We reimburse labs in your choice of either U.S. or Canadian Funds saving you money on currency conversion.

VIP Service: You can opt for a portion of your funds to be held in trust by us to fund future lab purchases.   Past clients have allocated funds towards staff parties, espresso machines, conferences, and textbooks.

Documentation: You will receive a Credit Note Sheet which lists your catheter tips, the count, the value, and all calculations used to process your reimbursement.